Bath blends

Bath blends

These herbal blend consists of 4 ounces of organic loose herbs that can be used in various ways! 
A blend of natural herbs to add to your bath to promote health sleep, optimum relaxation and relieve tension from your day. A relaxing aromatic herbal bath blend. Great for end of the day relaxation, and to ease tired, achy muscles.

Directions: Fill a muslin bag with bath blend. Prepare bath with warm water. Hang bag from faucet under water flow, or place bag directly in bath water. Let set a few minutes; soak in bath.

Self Love Bath includes: rose, calendula, red clover, violet leaf, lemon balm rose, bergamot, jasmine, melissa, helichrysum , rosemary and lavender  charged with rose quartz. Prayed over with a self love mantra.

Protection bath includes: Cinnamon, cedar, juniper, Cypress, and Patchouli

Can also be use for foot soaks .

SHELF LIFE: 1 year