Protection Mojo Bags

Protection Mojo Bags

With this combo of herbal blends, stones, handcrafted protection oil, this ancestral spiritual tool protects your mind body and spirit from all negative energies and attacks. Keep this satchel on you at all times. Sew it into your backpack or keep it in your pocket or purse to stay strapped.

First, you might ask, what is a mojo bag? Basically, it is a prayer or spell in a bag. In simplistic terms, it is an amulet. In the Hoodoo tradition, we customarily use the term ‘mojo bag, ’ but it can be called by many other names: a mojo hand, gris-gris bag, toby, or trick bag. The word ‘gris-gris’ means charm. The reason behind why a mojo bag would be considered a fetish is because practitioners of hoodoo consider it to be a living thing. While a few may simply create a bag of herbal and mineral ingredients, many seasoned workers breathe life into the bag before tying it off by blowing their breath into it. So you see, these magical bags are actual charms, made so by their specific ingredients inside (and the energies of the bag’s creator) that combine to form a synergistic blend of magic. Usually made of red flannel, some practitioners prefer to choose a color that relates to its use. For example, a money mojo might be green. But tradition dictates that it is almost always made of flannel. Another belief is that it is best to include an odd number of ingredients such as 3, 5, 7, 13, etc. Workers may also choose to include a certain ingredient in all of their mojo bags as a ‘signature.”

Creating a mojo bag is more complex than one might think. Inside there may be a variety of ingredients: herbs, minerals, bones, flowers, and sometimes personal items like a locket of hair. When made for a specific purpose or person, a mojo bag usually contains a petition (a written prayer or intention). Some people use an actual drawstring bag to create their mojo. My preferred method is what is known as a ‘flaming comet’ style mojo bag where a square of flannel is gathered up around the ingredients and tied off with string or twine. It should be made small enough to carry on your person. After it is created, it is fed with a liquid of some sort. While many use Florida water cologne or some other type of alcohol, I am one of those who prefers to feed the bag with condition oil — one that corresponds to the nature of the mojo bag. A love mojo, for example, should be fed with love oil. The bag is carried with you to impart its magic into your life. For the first three days, it should be kept against your skin and placed under your pillow at night. As the weeks go on and if your petition doesn’t seem to be manifesting, it may be time to feed your mojo bag again. Simply rub a little oil on the bag whenever you feel it needs a magical lif

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